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What are you doing for Valve? Gamescope, the Steam Deck for Gaming Mode software program that handles all show, just lately led the VR effort. Possibly for the upcoming Deckard VR HMD?

Brad Lynch identified Twitter, it is certain to boost just a few eyebrows. A code merge request known as “vr_session: Preliminary implementation” on the GitHub web page was pulled into Gamescope 2 days in the past, and the query is – why?

Thanks to numerous sources (like Lynch above), we have recognized for a while that Valve seems to be engaged on a brand new VR HMD codenamed Deckard. One which ostensibly helps wi-fi gaming with no need to hook up with a PC, but additionally helps connecting to a PC so you may run video games that want extra energy. Standalone mode will undoubtedly work for Linux and maybe this Gamescope effort is progress in direction of that.

After all, it will also be fully impartial.

What do you suppose Valve will do?

Valve has been on a little bit of a spree currently in getting Proton into a reasonably unbelievable state for working Home windows video games on Linux. SteamOS Linux-powered Steam Deck launched, 7,000+ video games now rated at the very least Playable for Steam Deck, HDR teasers (#1, #2), breaking personal data, getting Steam on Tesla automobiles, and extra.

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